Welcome to the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

Since 1987, the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit has been creating and delivering programs, resources and services to educators.

Our programs are developed by educators for educators and provide opportunities for participants to actively participate in their learning.

SPDU provides professional growth opportunities in the areas of:

  • Curriculum
  • Leadership
  • Other Professional Growth Opportunities

SPDU also supports partner organizations in planning conferences.

SPDU is based in and supported by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. SPDU programs and resources support and complement STF beliefs and policies. The governance guidelines for SPDU are the responsibility of the STF.

SPDU Annual Report 2013-14 (2.7 MB PDF)

In addition to the workshops listed below, Planning Information for School and Division Leaders provides information about 2015-16 provincial offerings as well as customized workshops in a number of areas.

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Upcoming Events



6 Accreditation (5 days) Saskatoon
13 Facilitator Series – Embedding Formative Assessment Into Professional Learning Saskatoon
14 Facilitator Series – Planning and Organizing Professional Learning Experiences Saskatoon
16 Designing Instructions in Humanities Saskatoon
16 Responding to Diversity: Differentiated Instruction (2 days) Saskatoon
17 Making Learning Visible in Kindergarten Classrooms Saskatoon
20 Cognitive CoachingSM (4 days) Saskatoon
20 Structures for Differentiating Elementary Mathematics Saskatoon
21 Structures for Differentiating Middle Years Mathematics Saskatoon
22 Strategies for English Language Learners Saskatoon
23 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the Classroom Regina
23 Taking Environmental Science Out of the Classroom Saskatoon
24 Technology in Math Foundations and Pre-Calculus Saskatoon
27 Multi-Graded Mathematics Instruction Saskatoon
27 The History of Treaty Making – Day One Saskatoon
28 Multi-Graded English Language Arts Saskatoon
28 Teaching Treaties in the Classroom – Day Two Saskatoon
29 Treaty Catalyst Teacher Workshops (2 days) Saskatoon
29 Comprehension Strategies in all Subject Areas Saskatoon
30 Let’s Blend: Using Technology to Differentiate in a Mathematics Classroom Saskatoon


4 Inquiry Learning (2 days) Saskatoon
5 Beginner and Intermediate Sewing (2 days) Regina
6 Fostering Reading and Writing in the Primary Grades Using Technology Saskatoon
7 Must-Have Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning Saskatoon
10 Accreditation (5 days) Regina
10 Intensive French (5 days) Saskatoon
10 Post-Intensive French (5 days) Saskatoon
10 Developing Conceptual Understanding and Fluency With Place Value and Adding Saskatoon
10 Canning and Preservatives in the Food Lab Saskatoon
10 Tinker, Maker and Learn: Fostering Creativity With Makerspaces, Coding and Other Creative Spaces Saskatoon
10 Creating Safe, Caring and Accepting Classrooms and Schools Saskatoon
11 Literacy for Life: Brain Compatible Reading (2 days) Saskatoon
11 Developing Conceptual Understanding and Fluency With Multiplication and Division Saskatoon
11 Help! How Do I Get Started? Saskatoon
12 Using the Smart Board to Enhance Learning Saskatoon
12 School Libraries in the 21st Century Saskatoon
13 Photography: Where Do I Start? (2 days) Regina
13 Developing a Conceptual Understanding of Fractions Saskatoon


22-23 Finding Our Way VI: Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability Saskatoon